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A CPA license offers many career opportunities. CPAs are prominent business decision makers holding leadership positions in public practice, industry, education, government and specialty areas.



The Villeda Law Group is seeking an experienced accountant or someone with a very strong financial background. Applicant should be bilingual in Spanish, very computer literate and have good writing skills. Experience or exposure in estate planning, probate and IRS collection cases is ideal since these are the type of cases applicant will be working on, however, what is necessary is experience in accounting or strong financial background. No tax returns preparation or accounting work for clients. Part or full time position available. Applicant does not have to be a CPA.

Please send resume by email to avilleda @ or fax to 956-631-9146 attn, Antonio Villeda. No calls please.


Texas CPA’s
• Out of State CPA’s
• Dual Licensed Attorneys/CPAs
• International Affiliates
• Non-CPA Academic Affiliates
• Students

If you would like to learn more about these membership classifications, have any questions about membership, or would like to join our organization, call the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants at 800-428-0272, or visit their website

Public Practice

Public practice opportunities abound in practices ranging from one person to large multi-national firms. As a public practitioner, you advise individual and business clients as an objective outsider. Specialty areas include:

Audit – CPAs examine clients’ financial statements, provide advice on internal control systems and assist with reports for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulatory agencies.

Tax – CPAs help their clients comply with tax laws, provide consultation for tax planning and represent their clients before the Internal Revenue Service.

Management – CPAs provide advice on information technology services, production and marketing
techniques and improving overall operating procedures.

Steven J. Tillinger, CPA
Steven J. Tillinger, CPA

Business & Industry

CPAs employed in industry are responsible for developing, producing and analyzing data useful for making business decisions and for reporting to internal and external interested parties. Industry CPAs report on past operations, interpret results for management and forecast future financial results and capital requirements. If you’re a CPA in industry, you may bear the title of controller or chief financial officer.


Educators are needed to pass knowledge on to future generations, accounting educators included. CPAs hold faculty positions in the academic world, working for community colleges and four-year universities.


CPAs work for government agencies at the local, state and national level. Governmental organizations must have accurate data in meaningful form to evaluate the financial results of their activities and plan for the future. There are lots of government agencies like the U.S. Navy, the FBI and NASA with CPAs on staff. The Department of the Treasury and the Department of Defense employ the most accountants.


Specialty Areas

Consulting Services – CPAs give objective advice and assistance to individuals, businesses, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Information Technology (IT) Services – CPAs implement advanced systems to fit an organization’s needs.

Forensic Accounting – CPAs search for evidence of criminal misconduct. These CPAs are also known as investigative accountants or fraud auditors.

Environmental Accounting – CPAs conduct compliance audits and design preventive systems to ensure compliance.

International Accounting – This specialty includes CPAs with an understanding and mastery of international trade laws and regulations.

Tax and Financial Planning – CPAs help clients save for goals like retirement and their children’s college educations, as well as tax planning and mergers and acquisitions.


• To provide at least 80 hours of high quality CPE each year at a reasonable cost.
• To provide networking avenues for our members.
• To promote public service by giving back to our community through volunteerism and support.
• To increase membership to the Chapter.
• To promote our profession through career days presentations, open office visits for accounting students, scholarship opportunities and employment resources.